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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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yo fe. >> reporter:oday the snow ldrought aur tennessee and the caronacaing trouble for commuter stranded in new york ere coldeather likely contributed to rush hour. in pennsylvania, a broken water pipe left th home frosted over, and in ccago florists are taking extra care wittheir valeine's da delivees. flowers. if they are frozen, they are gone. >> reporter: here at fenway pk e red sox are heading uth to florida f sprg ainigi u their home tskiers and snowboardersho are literally mp for y. and fuher noh maine,he biathlo world cup le competitors th ozen faces. record low temperates are possible fro minnesota the d-atlantic. buffalo's foreca for turday, 2 grs. bost's looking at 4 below sunday morng and new york city is bracing for zero, toppling a 1,70
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cold in fact that saturday's annua central park ice feival cancelled. you suld take this weather very, veryerioly. don'these temperatures very ofte and ty cabe life-threatening. >> reporter: here in the ston a the ndchillsre forecast to dip down 20 to0 below zero over t weekendeven colder in so places, lows 40 below ze, and obviously those temperates frostbite becoa real concern. doesn't take very lo, as littlas ten minutes. lester. >> ron mott, thanks very much. al rokers here. al, lk us through th. all right. so lester, t beginng of thicold air is way up in greenland. we're talking temperatures of below acrosshe nland ice sheath you've got low pressure or qu anth song low essure system with the clockwise, counterclockwise flow around it, it brings that cold ai brutally cold air into the continental united states, soow temperatur tomorrow moing, burlington minus 12, 5 in eveld and 10 chicagand 17 i chlotte and4 in atlanta. theighs tomorrow, 19 in new rk 13 clevand, 14 chicag
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brut, minus 6 in new rk, minusn ncinnati, minus 13 in chicago, and tn we bottom out on sunday morning, but go ne, le. by tuesday temperatures rebound in t 50s a 3s. everybodyhert or abovenorm. >> all right. aloker, thanks very much. true to prictions it's getting nasty on the caaign tra in uth carolina as donald trump lobbed another so-cald birther attack today reatening to sue ted cruz for, quote, not being a natural born if cruz doesn't, as trump put, it clean up his act, and tha battle isust one of several fros oning up as the gop s tas on e other. c'gautierrez isn the trl greeil, soutcali. >> reporr: fre off augrhiy louian rubcafrrunn dal umisoweang asiate ts ra, reeng to e s ost va d uzorotei nabo ci oner the billionaire call
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netive a agast him. >> there's more th littlero in donald accusing anyonof ing nasty gith amazing torrent of insults and scenies and vulgaritiethat come out of his mouth. >> reporte these vors have serious concernsboutmp reat vulgarity alys ek dem thisy. >>ea >>y. >>ha. rh. >>ogmatic. >> narcissisc. >> inspirational. >> reporter: cruz himsocking his pone ia series of new ads, though thisnegainst marco rubibackfid. >>ak me feel dumb for trustinghem. >> maybe you should vote forore than just a pretty face ne time. >> reporr:he cruz campaign yking it afr e velation that aress had appeared in adul films. wwould noha st her he known tt st >> reporter:ub toy ring back in an excluve interview.
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th were actors, d i ink that's pt of a bigger pblem that ted has, and tt tes to act thonsisten conservative ithis ra. it's just not true. he's aery calcated political operative. >>orr:ll ts as sevalop hopefuls try tt crucial evangelica vors. >> fth is most important influence in my life. oneight rding the bljust g a serenity reporter: tonight amid a flurry of atserenity in thisace hard to nd the reic ides aet to face off in anotr dete tomorrow. e akay be ghest fomarco ruo. he's expecd to take so of the aviest fire, especially from his nt and fellow floridian jeb bush. lester. >> a right, be, thank you. atcks are flying on temrati side of the race with bernie sanders accusingilla clinto of hitting him with a, quot low blow on theebate stage last night and a heed battle o the different dirtion ey wouldake er heth carhi countrt'get morom c'andrea ml. >> rorter: trying to reboot her cpaign,
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accused bernie sanders ofng dislol to esident obama who is hugelyopular with minoriti in the primaries and caucuses to come. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from sator nders about our esident i exct fromeplica. >> mamectary at is loelow >> repte a she pound on his proposededicare r alirth-tdeh vement heah care an with thar thiss not about math is about ople lesthnumbs don't add up, d i thk once i'in the wte hou we will ha enough litical capital to be ablto do that. >> secretary clinton, you're notthe white house yeand leus be ear every oposal tt i hantroced en >> reporter: srs would coine all government health plans intone, mecare, dicaid tens befit ildren's heah insurance and replace employer-basealth ate ranc
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rich. sthddle clwo$500 yeor t, t the average family would save $5,000 a year by eliminating >> who is correct ? x crea but it cerinly not eathhewoul be enough pay for all the additional expenses. >> reporr: nopartisanudt exrtsay sanders ha't given eugh details and in cana and great britain whh have health care people wait months for rationing. >> there will be want to save money you'llave to understand that your may be limited. >> reporter: and then gettcongress to passisealth care planas the mt bruising fig of bernie sde is callg for a polical revolution, a grs roots army he lieves wouldompel congress to accept h lester? >> all rht, andrea, the fbi is investating a cious atck that ok place inside a
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itappened when a man pulled out a mache and wt on a raage, slashing and stabbing people as customers made panicked calls for help. the quons inveors are trying to answer d he do it a could havbeen an act rrorm? we get the latest from our jue corresent pete wiia. ror pice say a man waed io th columbus reaurant around dinnermeaskeme qutions d came back a short te ter th a machete. somguy pulled out a machete and started stbingeoplran ouwith m t a several people iured her >>eporter: some of those insidehrew chrs tghck he oute aw was opped afte a five-me che. ce say he wa and lled when he ed holng kni at one oth thi imdiately began searing th homef the n identified athe ater, 30ol mohamebarry. law enfoem al s rical commen h fr yerought a ief lookm the fbi whthen moved on aurant ees
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owisrom. the owner isrom isel, a ristian arab. investigators are looking at whether barry may have mistakenly thoughte was jesh. >> i'm a 50-yeld man and been crying like baby fothe last 12 s. >> reporter:our people we ht in theacheteatta e most serusly bi follow who sin at the restaurant, now in critical bustable conditn. >> we're very grat that our victims that sustained wounds las nit arall expect over. >> reporter: inveigators say th dot knowhy barry attacked now and shows at tart,o kn connectionwithsi it may be one law enfoement official yson blend ctor a long mmering iert in radicalism and allhe attention given to terror attacks worle. pete williams, nbc news, washinon. >>the cif glendale, arizona is in sck and mourning after thshooting deaths of two 15-year-old girls on gh school mpus. thgirls, both sophomores, died o
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at independenchigh scol, gun found de their bies. police say they are not pursuing any suspects, but they could t yet coirm if iwas murd or id wiin week a tempary cease-fire in syria brokered with the help of thu.s. schule to take efct, but key rtiehave been left out of the agreement nounced last night. our ir simmons now with a rare lo insi syria whe there's mu skepticism over whether the de wil enthe bloodshed. >> rorter: a little boy is puld om rubble aft an air strike. the vio sa to be in aleppo province was posted on ce st week. tonight the is little signs those air strikes will e, even with world lears including america and russia agrg to a cessation hostilitiewiin one weekndumanitarian aid to cties end siege,ufferi staron.>> and wt have areords o pape what wneed to see in
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actis on the gd, the field. >> reporter: major players the fight, includsyrian president basharl assad and the rebels fighting him areot part of the deal. neither is isis. and today asd is wing treta the ole country. president assad is veryisiblyn control of the cital damasc while ode the city his forces are clearly on t offensiv the syriany advancing, ssiaair strikes. >> they have gained montumper hand. wothey sp now? while in damasc febeevth fitingst youre will be e now? >> ion think so. i think nody -- nody kws when the peace is gon >>-year-old aya's legs were broken in an air rdhile s was out buying cookies. shsne of t of thounds who have fled.
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losi he. keir simmo, nbc ne, damascus. >>a major announcement from three federal agencies aboua possible danger that c news first reported on nearly aear and a half ago. the governme will instigate the potentl health risks from a type of turf that children on all acss the nn. nbstephanie gosk has more. >>r: the so prs, al goie dgnosed wi cancer, sparked a battle ovethe use of foam rubber, ground up r and truck tires tens of thousands turf fields around the countr todathree feral agenciesincludin e anned a w rearch pto alyze e safe of crumb rubber. the is sdi do not cprehensive evalte the concerns. nbc ws first portedn umb ru ioctobe 2014. >> this the stuff everybody is talking about. reporr: woman socc coach amy griffin started asking
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wi austin evet who wod later die non-hodgkins lymphoma haunted her. >> she said i ju have a feeling it has somethinto do with thblk dots >> repr: theoach started a list of alieth cancer which grew from ju a futo now5 following nbc's reports. there is nresearch linking crumb rubber exposure tcanc, and the instry points to doze o studies as proof tt thr fields are safe, t thfederal government today says more reseah is needed. the three agencies will analyze chemil compous in the crumb rubber, measure posure to the chemics anach out conceed parents, scientists and industry lears. nt like the damm who foughtsef um rubber hope that mmunities will h off in italling new needs.>> whyot pause, use ates unt thhing gs figud t cause ouchildren are rtainly it. >> reporter: t stry lders say ey wcomeew ar. in their words they hope the federal government can settle
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for all. leer? >> a right. stephanie, thank you. still ahead tonigh thieves after yo medic records why you could be at riskitut en knowinng it, a what experts you shld r share wi you doctor's offe in order to protect your identity. > and the cost of college could be out of reachory in thisindergarten clas by theime th e old engh, bua geneus gthat's makingir futes a lot brighter. doing mething simp. meant enduring a lot of pain. ifa isngyour vw of erydaings orencia may he ora workffery by targetingource ra ea nflaatioprocess. ny, oren ef ra symptoms. it's held new atientsther treatments. ot te orencia with anher biologicfor ra an increaseri serious infection.
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ifou develop an allergic reactn, severe rash, or sig of unusual behavi, stop takg tamiflu an ca your doctor immedialy. drnd adolesc in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, abnormal behavior. the most common de effectsre mild to moderate nsea an vomiti. an-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. and now a warning out your most personal information
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medical records being hackedstolennd sold for fraud up 11,0% last ar, roughly one out of every three erans has been, etr eynow r not, giving criminals a alth of formation that unlike mpromised credit card numbers can last forever. nbc's tom costello has what you can do to protect yourlf >> reporter: for john koon it was a sple x-y aft snowboarng accent th turned into an counng night when t hospital llim $20,000 for surgery he never had. >> iad to go dowin front the bli dertme no less and pull up myhirt and show them th i did not ha any major scarring on stoch at all >> reporter: it turns out the hospit's rive hadeen ollong with john's mal records. just one of the 10 miion heth care records stolen last year alone. many of those records show up for sale o the dark web whe hackers openly adise thsees what tve en. this sitoffe fresh
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stolen last april in california boasting you can use those profiles forormal fraud stuff or to get brand new health care plan for yourself. this looks vy er friely, and this is desied for crooks. >> this is information from big data breacheends up as commodiesre being stolen. >>eporter: stole creditards go f to acand socialecury er$1 but cote heah ca cordargo nes goinfor 60 bucks bee imals n e them to order prescriptions, pay for treatmen and surgery and evenilfalse tax rern >> youicallywn a person, have allhe inatn can crea n accnt d cak h oloi >>ter: avo ge hke setyrosst usood
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use the s pa codes andse a p.i.n. nrorour ta rurnd avoid giving outour socia securityumbersven e lastour digit hospitals and doctors office >> youeally needo push bk tho situationsnd say, look, can i veou a osomece information that cai ange on a regular basis. reporter: if your health records are compromised, your financial fe can be, too. tom stello, nbc news, new york. when we co bk, surf's up, w up. 50-foot was supercharged by el nino a making e of the world's most intense competitions evenordangous. hiory in cuba today as pope francis arveon the isld ahead of a trip to mexico. there met witthe ad oe ssian thodox church,el while taking or after stping chantix. some had szures wh takihantix. if you havy of these st chantix and cl your doctor right a ll your doctor a any history ofl health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't ta chantix iyove had serious alleic or skin reactiono it.
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,,, history in cub today as pope francis arrived the island ahead of a trip to mexico. e he met with the headthe russian orthodox church, ssing each othn the cheeks a embracat havana airport jor step t bridging a schism that's dided christiaty for a thousand yea. it's one of the dangerous surfing events in the rld d thear'tita ofaverks mpetion rtrn california is ling up to i repuonith 50-ft was superchaed by el no, barrinin mil p hju
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ite surfs e ing foa $12000 prize and agng right wh wcome back, why this who kindergarten class i ready college bound in a place wre higher eduti is far from granteed. ese ttuyey rloif hibirlatb at pou ave timeeateskro ey cooltoerheinot bree stream to n,where itlock and a str you hhat' not problem,adaxa stopfr for prad provenrior t ucing riskroke, clil iaout neor rar blo tests n rant an ge ad o loer heanfan spevsatreaen toelodclrmlyin. pradaxisotorpelehoav
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n't prtht intooudoopngas yr skoftrk youroc ynest pdafoedical ortaprede. adcacaseous, some blein n't kedaxaf amaeeng. anekmmedte dil caor exedns oblee, lial bing. praxa incr yoleedg risk if ye ol kprms, sth ulbl concedici de eff withpradcan ude instio pupseng dojust g the witada, onhiatur r stterwarf ana spal tlk t dr prto abminapaurgentiarra. be s-d nepronifan
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n useifaxanfha aisfseto rax, famycianbiic agents,nyompo telloudooright iyo diarrhe rsens while ki xifan,th m b a si oa ouor enat conti te yr orf ha l dear e ngthedicatio cae thesmay ea e am ofxifan inour body. ll yct u are na on pre or ang comde feare and rease iniver enzymes. ifou thinkouave ibs withrra,asr do abfaxan. ou have high bod pre like do,ny coldicines maraisur bree. at's the's din hbp itelies coym withouraising bld pressure look for poweul
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>> finally to finally tonight, a gold opportunity for ntire class of 26 kindergartenerall fromow-income faliesnd sin for a ege educatis stggle, bu o miel almaguer rerts the woies about the future are now overhanks to $1iffrom a man maki a difference. eporter: today is college friday inside mrs. ashton's ndergarten class >> that's where ristian is going to gocollege. rter:ost her 26 stunts come from low-income sing-part homes whe the price of nch,uch less llege, iout re but n anymore. >> you're gointo be a acher? >> reporter: marty burbk wants to pay for ery student here go colle. >> i'moing tput off retirement a f yes. >> reporter: lawyer who met his wife on boat and got married on a yacht waseady
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cruise times >> reporter: when he realized there w bett way to spend his moy. >> our ptor ga a sermut charity and giving a sacrificend -- and at that point i really felt like i could invest in this boat or could invest in kids andopefly make a difference in their lives. >> the gift and the offer life-changg. thr futu litly is differentecause this. >> reporter: isabella celadon couldn't believthe nerosity. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the seamstress says her son jason canow be anything he was. >> doctor. >> repter:very year these kids will need to dr a pictu or write a letter about college to marty burbank whis inveing over $1 milln their future. >> i'm grateful for the opportunity to do this because it brings me so much joyelping kids. >>eporter: one upleivinup so much b getting back in return a gi that's priceless
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news, anaheim, california. >> and thas going to do it ons friday night. i'm lester holt. for all ofs nbc news, ank for watchi have a gat wke and good night. spreading th spreading the love. justhead of valeine's day 'll youow se inpueblo are trying lift the spirits of those speing the holiday alone. miked libseath d in the cold. people at a local apartment complex tell us ey haven had hot water in weekswe're findg out at wenong. hello eryonend thas for joining us for n5 at 6n your friday. m sa lyden. od evening. i'm rob quir first toght: aeautiful fray nightut there... here's a live look in colorado springs and pu.
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ts get over to ld forecaster mike daniels. a ok at cuent temps, springs and pueblo. tonight clouds will increase late, loouds and fog some spots tomorr morning. then sunshine with mild ir duri the afternoon. tonight, high essure to our nortt will bringlope clouds and fogonig and tomorrning. q " itvery verfrusing. new tonight at six: a lo fration for some loc aparenresidents--whoay th haven't had hot water in weeks. the problem at one building at the suer grove aparts near austin bluffs and academy. rerter andy koen is look in the issue--live in udio tonight with iortant infoation fonters. just like c plumbing heang anelectricit... state law and a ty code
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r habitality. but nd t law offers reers few options when there is a prolongisruptn of ice like this. ok rq " itvery vy frusg. i'm at mwits end it's beea loold winter for some othe renters athe summer gvepartments. " you can't sayou can wash ur dishes." they say the water temperature was tepid months ago but turned free at the enof last month. " at thedon't get is it's the ddle of ntere didn't have hater wn that izzard happened. so, not having hot water, our water is colder than the weather righno" and thay complaints have not be well rece by nagement. co enforcent tells us the mmer grove is ying to fix the problem. " i lieve theye actually builthr boiler systeand th still can't figure out what'srong with it." t water is a basic requirent under state laand ty code. but landlords are gally obligateet rente out o theiases unless condions are "matery unsafe" and the landlord has ignored written
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ll we n do is stay on top of e camake surthey are working with the proper mechical people and keing us infoed of what's going on. a manager tolds today peed the water back tonight. but th's little comft to nters who are paying f hot water that they didn'toy. 'mant, live in their lity is eirespbilio ta care e and me home." now if are a rter that's given writtenoce that wa red ... and conditions a unsafe ... you can lelly terminate the lease early; get a court order requirinthe landlord fix the problem seek damages likas rent rti ander penser attorney fees and costs in some circumstances. you can nd more information about the warranty o habitabity. line at


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